Prominent Ear

Prominent Ear

Prominent ear, as known as bat ears, is a widely seen problem. It is not a medical disorder as it does not affect anything related to function of the body, but it has a negative effect on the appearance that people want to have.

Thanks to the latest advances, Prominent Ear surgery, as known as Otoplasty, has become a very easy and successful procedure.

What is Prominent Ear?

Bat ears problem is the most common deformity in the ear, which is usually caused by lack of the cartilage in the ear area. In this case the ear has a more elasticy form and it tends to be upturned or widely folded. Generally, it is seen in both ears, but some people may have only one prominent ear. Although people with long hair are able to hide it, those who keep their hair short can only deal with it with an intervention.

What is the cause of Prominent Ear?

Prominent ear is a genetic related problem. For this reason, the probability of this problem is quite high in the family, especially those who have a prominent ear problem in their parents. The main anatomical reasons for prominent ear can be listed as follows:

  • Wide angle between the outer ear and scalp bone
  • Elastic form of ear cartilage
  • Lack of folds and straight form of outer ear

How is Otoplasty surgery performed?

In the past, bat ears used to be a big problem as there was no easy solution for it, but now in the day it has become rather easy procedure to fix it. It is a simple procedure to perform without any possibility of serious complications, yet it needs to be performed by an expert surgeon. It is performed either under general or local anesthesia depending on the patient’s condition and surgeon’s experience. It takes approximately 45-90 minutes. Depending on the condition of the ear, it can be performed in the frontal side or back side of the ear. After the procedure, patient will have special bandages on his/her ears for 1 or 2 weeks. Most of the time the incisions are made in the posterior side of the ear, which means the patient is not left with any visible scars.

How is the healing process after an Otoplasty?

For those who would not like it to interrupt their daily life, Otoplasty surgery will not be a problem. It is a procedure that is performed in a short period of time and if the patient does not get anesthesia, he/she can be discharged directly on the day. The incisions made during the operation generally do not require any stitches and they heal in 1 to 2 weeks. Patient can take a shower 1 or 2 days after the procedure.

Otoplasty Surgery for children

If the family or doctor notices that the baby has prominent ear problem, it can be very useful to use elastic bands which can fix the problem without a need of surgery. If this first developmental period is missed, it may be necessary for a child to have the procedure to fix it. Otoplasty surgery can be performed in a child above the age of 6.

Prominent Ear Cost in Turkey

Prominent Ear Operation Overview



Duration of Intervention

2-3 Hours

Sports Activity Recovery

3-4 Weeks

Define Result

6-12 Months

Return to Social Life

3 Days

Return to Work

1 Week


No Need

Average Pain After 3 Days

0-1 **

*It is for informational purposes only, be sure to consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.
**Pain rating scale: from 0 = absence to 5 maximum pain.


  1. 1
    Will I have any scar after an Otoplasty surgery?

    The incision is made in the posterior side of the ear where it connects to the scalp, therefore it is not seen very easily. This scar becomes invisible through 6-12 months.

  2. 2
    Can Bat Ears be fixed with bandages?

    Bandages can not fix the structure of ears permanently. Only  a 3 months old baby can have a permanent result utilizing bandages under a doctors supervision since its in a developmental period anatomically.

  3. 3
    How long does the patient feel pain after an Otoplasty Sugery?

    Operation is performed under anesthesia, therefore the patient does not feel any pain for 10-12 hours after the surgery. But after this period of time, it is useful to take painkillers to keep any pain at minimum level.

  4. 4
    What are the costs for Otoplast surgery in Turkey?

    The number of people who want to have an Otoplasty procedure in Turkey is increasing every day. It is nearly 50% more affordable in Turkey than in Europe. As it can be performed under general or local anesthesia, the price may vary according to the method. If you choose us to have an Otoplasty surgery, you will not need to worry about your accommodation, transfers or necessary medications.

    We perform Otoplasty surgeries in well equipped hospitals with our expert surgeons professionally, yet for an affordable price.

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