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Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are made of titanium. After a removal of a tooth, first dental implant is placed which subsitutes for tooth root.

Once the implants are located, the healing and adaptation process starts. This process is 2 months for lower jaw and 3 months for upper jaw. Once the implants are secure in its place, dental crowns are placed and the treatment is over.

The price of your dental implant treatment will change depending on the brand and type that you would choose. If you would like to come to our clinic to have your dental treatment, we firstly would like to see a panoramic radiography before. Depending on your case and need, we offer a treatment plan as well as prices of brands. If you choose to go ahead, your accommodation, ground transfers, medications will be sorted out by us. Anyone would love a good and healthy smile.

Dental Implant Surgery Overview



Duration of Intervention

0-1 Hours

Return to Social Life

2 Days

Average Pain After 3 Days

0-1 **

*It is for informational purposes only, be sure to consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

**Pain rating scale: from 0 = absence to 5 maximum pain.

Dr. Taylan A.

Our maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Taylan A. and his team attends to our patients that suffer from dental problems. Dr. Taylan A. specializes in maxillofacial and implantology surgeries and also provides education programs for his fellow colleagues.


As TravelMEDI, we carry out all the dental treatments in our full-fledged international standards. In our clinic that is located in the city centre, patient sterilization and comfort is our priority.


Our hotel AC Macka by Marriott has high standards of 4* and is located in the center of city – in walking distance to Taksim, Nişantaşı and Beşiktaş districts.

Our Certificates

Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

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