Laser Eye

Laser Eye Surgeries

If you have any vision problems, there are lots of options for you to get your perfect vision back. Find out which is more suitable for you by consulting our specialists. It is easy, quick and painless to have any of these procedures. You will be able to see the world from a newer and greater aspect.

Femto Lasik

Femto LASIK is the treatment of myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism with the help of femtosecond laser and excimer laser. It allows us to perform the procedure without any manual incisions, therefore the damage is much less and the healing process is shorter.

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Nowadays, thanks to Wavefront technology, it is possible to analyse these aberrations and transmit all the details into the laser device. With i-LASIK, it is possible to treat both vision problems such as asgitmatism and corneal aberration or general vision quality.

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In LASIK treatments, no tissue removal is made in the eye. Cornea is re-shaped by ablation which is a method of vaporization. LASIK method consists of making a small opening a flap on the upper surface of cornea and adjusting the vision ability with excimer laser.

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Cataract is what makes the vision foggy and blurry by changing the anatomy of this inner lens. Latest developments allow us to have the surgery needle-free and general anesthesia free in one day without the need of staying in the hospital.

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