Medical Tourism in Turkey

Medical Tourism in Turkey

In the world, the number of people, who visit foreign counties for health purposes has been increasing. Affordable price, professional and quality service, request to see different cultures and natural beauties play an important role for the people’ preferences.

Why Turkey?

Turkey’s given much more importance to health tourism in recent years. Turkey has become one of the few important countries in the world in this field.Turkey attracts the attention of many nationalities not only its geographical structure, climate, natural resources, but also its cheap and quality health care service.

Turkey’s hospitals follows the development in US and Europe very closely. Turkish doctors are monitored by the achievements of countries in the world.

In 2010, American’s most confidential medical tourism company MedRetreat stated India, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey and Northern Africa as countries, where people can get quality medical services as well as can make exotic destinations. The most important factors why people choose these countries are their enterprises in the international medical tourism industry, their experiences and high quality of services.

Benefits of Treatment in Turkey

  • Health services in Turkey is cheaper compared to other countries. The researches show that Turkey is cheaper (nearly 60-65% ) compared to many European countries.
  • The hospital bed capacity and doctors quality in Turkey is sufficient.
  • Turkey is close to European Countries and Middle East Countries.
  • Turkey is a Muslim Country that is integrated with western countries. Thus, -Turkey can provide services its patients from both west and muslim countries.
  • In hospitals there is a sufficient number of staff speaking foreign languages.
  • Turkey is in the process of EU accession. Thus, Turkey is at the level of EU -Countries in terms of both tourism and health services.
  • Turkey is one of the most diverse countries in terms of climatic, tourism, cultural and travel conditions

Where is Turkey? How many hour to get there?

Turkey’s location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia makes it a country of significant geostrategic importance. There are different flights from Turkey to many countries. The distances of countries as to Istanbul are as follows:


Country from City to Istanbul (Hours)
England London 3
Italy Rome 1.43
Spain Madrid 4
Germany Berlin 2
Greece Athens 0.42
Netherlands Amsterdam 2,45
Austria Vienna 1,35
Switzerland Basel 2,18

Russia Moscow 2,11
Bulgaria Sofia 0,38
Romania Bucharest 0,33
Morocco Casablanca 4
Saudi Arabia Mecca 3,15
Tunis Tunis 2
Jordan Amman 1,55

Kazakhistan Almaty 4,52
United Arab Emirates Dubai 3.43
Azerbaijan Baku 2,12
United States California-Los Angeles 13,43
United States New York 10
Uzbekistan Taskent 10

Some of the places that you should visit in Turkey are

TravelMEDI invites you to Turkey after treatment to see over Turkey’s major sights. Our specialist travel agencies can prepare special tour organizations according to your needs. If you wish, we can provide guides that speak the same language with you, private car and museum entrance tickets during your trip. Book sets that include short informations will be provided by us.

  1. Istanbul

    One of Europe’s most popular cities. Istanbul, which connects Asia and Europe continents together and offers a unique night life, is not a city that you should see in Turkey but a city that you should see in the World. Istanbul, the capital of Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman periods, offers an unforgettable experience with its unique mosques and churches (such as Sultan Ahmed, Süleymaniye and Hagia Sophia), Topkapı Palace and Grand Bazaar like places.

  2. The Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet)

    The Blue Mosque is classified as the last big mosque of classical era due to its architectural design, which was constructed with Ottoman Mosque Architecture and Byzantine Church Architecture synthesis. The Blue Mosque, which won the title of principal mosque of Istanbul after Hagia Sophia transformed into museum, is decorated with Iznik tiles and is the Turkey’s first mosque with 6 minarets. The Blue Mosque, which is adorned with blue, green and white Iznik tiles and has semidomes and a large dome that is adorned with mainly blue pen handiworks, is named as “Blue Mosque” by Europians

  3. Hagia Sophia

    Architecturally, Hagia Sophia is a domed basilica type structure that combines basilica plan with a central plan. It’s noted as a major turning point in architecture history with its dome arch and carrier system features. Hagia Sophia is a Patriarchal Cathedral that had been constructed in Istanbul’s old town centre that were in historical peninsula and after Istanbul was captured by Turks in 1453, it was transformed into mosque by Fatih (Mehmet) the Conqueror. It has been providing service as a museum since 1935.

  4. Dolmabahce Palace

    The place where Dolmabahçe Palace is on now was Boğaziçi Bay where Ottoman Kapudan Pasha used for mooring. It was built in European plan and style in Abdülmecit Period, one of the Ottoman Sultans, for purposes such as honoring and execution of governmental affairs. The Palace, which has 600 meters front to Bosphorus, symbolizes the end of an Empire. Ottoman’s last Sultan, Vahdettin, abondoned the country with a British ship from this point. The Palace, which is the place Turkey Republic’s founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stayed when he was is Istanbul, is also the place where Atatürk died in 10th November 1938. There is a room that belongs to Atatürk and a museum in the Palace.

  5. Topkapi Palace

    Topkapı Palace is in Istanbul Sarayburnu and is a palace where governmental affairs , had been executed for 400 years in its 600 years history, and was a home for 4000 people once upon a time. Since its construction by the order of Fatih the Conqueror in 1478, it has witnessed many burglary attempts and wars. Topkapı Palace, which attracts many tourist crowds and that entered UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985, serves as a museum in our day.

  6. Bodrum

    The Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the 7 wonders of the World, was built in Halikarnassos City. Mausoleum’s marble stones were used in the construction of Bodrum Castle after it was damaged by earthquakes and invasions. It’s one of the most tourist attractive places not only in Turkey but all around the World. Bodrum’s spectacular scenery which also houses Saint Peter Castle (Bodrum Castle) makes Bodrum a special place combining with culture and history.

  1. Bursa

    Located in the south of Marmara Sea, Bursa has 1.8 millions population and was the first capital of Ottoman Empire in 1326. Bursa, located in the booms of Uludağ that is the Turkey’s biggest ski resort, is the city that has most of the mosques and tombs in Turkey. It harbors lots of various architectural designs. Bursa is famous for its shopping malls, parks, museums and bazaar. Grand Mosque is one of the most important buildings among them.

  2. Cappadocia

    Cappadocia rised 60 million years ago as a result of years of corrosion by winds and rains on soft layer that was formed with lavas and ashes from volcanoes. It’s one of the places in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It’s famous with legendary shapes that are called as “Fairy Chimney”. Urgup is one of the places that can be visited in here. You can visit cave houses in Göreme Valley and make balloon tour.

  3. Ephesus and House of the Virgin Mary

    Ephesus is the biggest archeological site in Turkey. Based on the Greek and Roman history, Ephesus Ancient City is the most well-preserved city among Mediterranean cities. Temple of Artemis, one of the 7 wonders of the World, is in here and should be seen. The place where Virgin Mary lived her last days is very close to Ephesus. It has been declared as a holy place by Vatican. There are lots of places for sea tourism in the region around Ephesus and House of the Virgin Mary.

  4. Pool of Secret Fish (Balıklıgöl)

    Urfa is a city located in Southeast Anatolian Region. By a discovery made under Urfa city center, which is on the north of today’s Balıklıgöl, it has been discovered that Urfa city centre’s history dates back to 9500 B.C. to Neolithic Age. In the historical period of 11.500 years, Urfa lived under the sovereignty of Ebla, Akkad, Sumerian, Babylon, Hittite, Hurri-Mitanni, Arami, Assyria, Persian, Macedonia, Roman and Byzantine civilizations. It has been known as the “City of the Prophets”. It’s the place where Adam and Eve, Abraham, Moses and Ilyas lived. Balıklıgöl is known as the place where Abraham fell when he was thrown into fire and one of the most popular places in Şanlıurfa with its fishes and historical places around it.

  5. Fethiye-Ölüdeniz

    In Fethiye-Ölüdeniz, you can swim in the most beautiful beach of the world, see Butterfly Valley and Ship Island (Blue Lagoon) and do paragliding from Babadağ Mountain. There are lots of alternatives such as Afkule for diving. Saklıkent, an 18 kilometers long place between Fethiye-Antalya, is a splendid valley that offer extraordinary beauties.

  6. Sumela Monastry

    It’s an old Greek orthodox monastery and church complex that is on 1.150 meters above sea level in Trabzon, Maçka, Altındere village and located on Black Mela hill, west side of Panagia stream. According to legend, two priests from Athens named as Barbanas and Sophronios saw the same dream; the place where in the icon made by Jesus’s students Saint Lucas and Mary holds Jesus in her arms were Sumela. After this dream, unaware of each other, they went to Trabzon by sea, encountered and told about the dream they saw and laid the foundation of the first church.

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