Our Doctors

Dr. Oyku Celen
Dermatologist / Co-Founder

Dermatologist Dr. Celen is the Co-Founder of TravelMEDI and specializes in hair transplant, cosmetical treatments and skin disorders. She is also the medical team coordinator of TravelMEDI.

Dr. Taylan A.

Our maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Taylan A. and his team attends to our patients that suffer from dental problems. Dr. Taylan A. specializes in maxillofacial and implantology surgeries and also provides education programs for his fellow colleagues.

Op. Dr. Erkan T.
General Surgeon

Dr. Erkan T specializes mainly in obesity treatments as well as reflux, breast diseases, endoscopical applications and hernia treatments. He especially utilizes the latest techniques in obesity treatments.

Op. Dr. Ali O.

With an experience of nearly 25 years, Dr. Ali O. performs laser treatments and cataract surgeries. He treats Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism and Presbyobia by utilizing the latest technologies such as LASIK, iLASIK, NO TOUCH, SMILE and PRK.